The farm extends over 50 hectares, from the centre of Salento to Gallipoli.  the farm is carefully controlled by the agronomist Dr. Stifani Giacomo, who require to the heath biological products of the highest quality.

The olives are harvested by mechanical means and milled in a short time, then are processed into oil of the highest quality: the Verdello oil is stored in steel silos and bottled on the farm.

The Verdello medium fruity oil is obtained by pressing of the olives of  the variety cellina and ogliarola and is suitable for all uses in the kitchen and is appreciated by the most refined palates for its delicate aroma.

The Verdello intensely fruity oil is obtained by pressing of the olives of  the variety Leccino and Nociara; it  is appreciated by connoisseurs for its fruity and herbaceous aroma and it's very good for the dressing of the typical frise with tomatos, vegetables, beans and soups.

The fam's products:
Verdello extra virgin olive oil, eggs straight from the chicken coop, flours of wheat and barley from which we obtain also excellent types of  homemade pasta: sagne 'ncannulate, tria, maritati, orecchiette and minchiareddhi. Our legumes and preserved in extra virgin olive oil for those who want quality at the table. In addition  km 0 products, in particular a selection of wines from wineries of Salento and the best baked goods.

You can also find crafts typical of Salento as the sophisticated woven baskets made from reeds and branches of olive tree or objects in terracotta made with the clays of Cutrofiano.

All products can be purchased in the farm or in the shop located in Aradeo, via Circonvallazione 33.

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